Play/Clean Volunteer

Want to join us in cleaning the foster space, and spend time playing with the kitties?

Join us for play/clean sessions!

Some frequently asked questions:

When are the play/clean sessions?

Play/Clean sessions are held daily, but some days may be unavailable because of service-learning projects, internal training programs, or manpower shortages.

Play/Clean sessions are usually held at the following times:
Mondays: 1900-2100
Tuesdays: 1900-2100
Wednesdays: 1830-2030
Thursdays: 1830-2030
Fridays: 1930-2130
Saturdays: 1800-2000
Sundays: 1515-1715

For the most updated play/clean schedule, please refer to the play/clean request form at the link below.

Do I need to stay for the entire duration of the session?

You do not have to stay the full duration, nor start at the stated time sharp.

How many people can I bring for the session?

The cattery can only have a maximum of three ad-hoc volunteers at any one time. It'll be really crowded if you bring more people. We thank you for your support if you'd like to bring more, but we need your cooperation to have the most optimal experience you can have working with our cats.

If you wish to volunteer with us as part of a self-initiated Community Involvement Programme, contact us at fostercare [at] with the following details:

- How big your group is (it should be less than 10 people)
- How many hours you need for your self-initiated CIP project
- When you need to finish your self-initiated CIP project by

Where are you located?

We are at Joo Chiat. Our Foster Care Volunteers in charge of the day you are coming will give you our specific address when your attendance is confirmed.

What should I wear?

Dress for cleaning and washing. Bring a change of clothes if you wish. Disposable aprons and gloves are available.

Can I make a request and come for a Play/Clean session on the same day?

No, absolutely not. We reserve the right to reject your request if it is made too close to the date you're visiting us. Please make a request at least five days in advance.

To join us:

Submit A Play/Clean Request

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