1. Are all the cats up for adoption?
    No, only the kittens on our adoption alert are up for adoption. We mostly return adult stray cats to their community when they have recovered to free up space for new cases, but if you're especially keen on one of the adult cats, ask us if they're suitable as indoor cats. For more adoption options, check out Cat Welfare Society, Feline Adoption Singapore, Kittens for Adoption, LiFeline and Cat Museum. Remember that adult cats are easier to care for than kittens and adopt responsibly!
  2. How do I adopt a cat from Love Kuching Project?
    Click here to find our adoption process, requirements, and agreement.

Rescue and Rehabilitation

  1. How did these cats end up in Love Kuching? What happens to them there?
    All the cats at the cattery were rescued off the streets. We take in sick or injured stray cats that can benefit from focused clinical care and cage rest, and nurse them back to health. This could mean anything from getting them the surgeries they need, seeing to their daily wound care, medication and physiotherapy, to bringing them for acupuncture for nerve problems. Unless they need lifelong medical care, community cats are neutered then released back to their neighbourhood after they make a full recovery. If they were found in a cat-unfriendly location, they will be released in a more suitable location nearby their place of rescue. Cats that require lifelong care remain at the cattery and are kept as comfortable and healthy as possible until their time has come. We also foster stray kittens that have been abandoned by their mothers until they have been vaccinated and dewormed. When they are healthy and socialised, we put them up for adoption!
  2. What's the difference between Love Kuching and SPCA?
    SPCA is an open-admission shelter, taking in every animal that is brought to their shelter, whereas Love Kuching is a limited-admission cat shelter, operating on a triage basis. Due to space constraints at the Love Kuching cattery, we have to concentrate on rehabilitating a fixed number of injured and critically-ill stray cats and ensuring a good quality of life for resident cats that need palliative care. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to foster or rehome healthy community cats or cats with existing homes. Read more about closed- vs. open-admission shelters here.
  3. Why would a rescuer send a cat to Love Kuching instead of other shelters?
    The shelter is run by a large group of foster care volunteers who are trained in basic clinical care. Since our first patient Helga in 2010, a Persian Tortoiseshell with chronic renal failure, we have handled hundreds of cases ranging from basic wound care and cage rest to daily subcutaneous fluids administration and physiotherapy, to palliative care for the sickest cats. We believe in holistic care, and feed herbal and vitamin supplements to the cats in our care. We also manage their emotional welfare, reducing stress with calming music and by diffusing Feliway pheromones and essential oils.
  4. What if the cat cannot be treated or cured? Do you put cats to sleep?
    Our policy is to only euthanise a cat if it is no longer able to recover to a point of basic functioning (eating, drinking, eliminating) without pain. Many illnesses and injuries are treatable, but treatment requires resources. Despite the costs, we will always stick to our euthanasia policy - we will not give up halfway.
  5. If I see a sick or injured stray cat, how should I contact you?
    The most reliable way to reach the rescue team is to fill this form. Requests via social media sometimes go unnoticed; we will not respond to requests from social media. Please note that requests are subject to our rescue criteria and space availability.

Cat Care

  1. I have a cat care question. How can I get advice?
    Send us a tweet or direct message on Twitter and we will do our best to respond. If your cat is sick or injured, please include photos or videos and any helpful info. For urgent questions, please contact a vet directly.
  2. I heard you give cat care talks. How can I attend them?
    Stay connected by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. All our events will be publicised there.
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